The executive search group SU SCOUT

The executive search group SU SCOUT Living in a world of constant change puts demands on every business and the people it employs. By working and succeeding together with our clients and the people we recruit helps us meet these demands. We make a difference. we enjoy what we do and we do it well
Major Industry Advertising(Executives, AE,AP), Sales and Marketing, Financial and Insurance Services, Energy and Natural Resources, Architecture, Technology (IT and telecommunications), Design (VMD,Ieterior,2D,3D), Consumer goods and services,, Manufacturing & Process industries, Chemical Industry.
Service Enterprise Service – Executive Search (C-Suit) – Recruiting – Business Development – HR Consulting Service
Personal Service – Career Consulting – Career Coaching – Job Application Advice
Contact Kim Seoung-Uk Executive Search Firm CEO at SU SCOUT
Office : 82-2-565-3977
Mail :
Address : 201 122 Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea





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